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dimanche 1 janvier 2017

New Year 2017 to all !:) From Les Aventures Ronald Tintin, Super Professeur , mobile application of Super Professeur , and Ronning AgainstCancer.and Ronning Against Cancer

The best for the New Year 2017 to all !:)

Feliz Año Nuevo 2017!

Felice Anno Nuovo 2017!

Frohes Neues Jahr 2017!

Ronald Tintin, Founder of the project Ronning Against Cancer
“ Together, we can get rid of cancer; we are not alone. Together, we are stronger.”


Breast Cancer Awareness - Let’s support the Fight Against Breast Cancer and raise funds! Supported by the project Ronning Against Cancer, Super Professeur, Marina Nival , and Les Aventures de Ronald Tintin

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