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mardi 16 septembre 2014

Ronning Against Cancer (breast cancer) and Ronald Tintin’s weekly training report during the week of September 8th - September 14th 2014! Training to support people and research... Let’s go to upcoming race “20 km de Paris”with Great motivation and wellness with good feelings to support the fight against breast cancer!!!

Hi dearest readers ;-)

Ronning Against Cancer (breast cancer) and Ronald Tintin ran during the week of August 25th   –  August 31st  2014...We improved 4 of our 6 stats.

Total distance : 97.00 km
(+ 41.94)
Total calories:  5845
( + 4078)
Total time: 7h30
(+ 5h14)
Workouts : 5

Rocking training last week ;) Nice training with great motivation and wellness to train in order to support the fight agains breastcancer cancer...

The weather  is so nice to run with wellbeing in the nature;-)

Thus is the training with motivation and wellness...:)

To know more about Ronald Tintin’s project “Ronning Against Cancer” : Together, we can get rid of cancer”.

Ronald Tintin

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